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Jun 12 '17 at 20:31

Wesley Haley

Wesley Haley
Rooms are real nice, although the bathroom looked like it hadn't been mopped. WiFi costs, which is a turnoff. Our TV advertised 40 slot credits for signing up for the rewards, but then we find out that it ended last month, so we couldn't have it. How hard is it to delete old promos from you tv slide show rather then showing us what we can't have cause we didn't stay the right days? And this hotel has nice manicured grass around it, that Overlook beautiful mountain views, but not one bench or chair on them to sit and relax and enjoy them. I don't want to be in your hotel all the time. It needs more outside seating areas to relax at. Casino is fine. 15 dollar minimums on craps and blackjack while we were here, and they keep just enough tables open that they stay crowded.