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"Lily L"
I am writing this review from my room which i booked for a quick getaway alone. The hotel room is decent, it's small but very clean. My room was chilly but I could not get the in room thermostat to work and had to call someone who said they could remotely shut the air conditioning off. So I guess I'm not allowed to control it myself...very odd. Am I supposed to call if I want the heat turned on? I went to the spa and had a 90 min relaxation massage that was very mediocre. Very jerky inconsistent pressure and she kept pushing hard on my bone areas like she had no knowledge of human anatomy. Plus I had asked for extra time on my feet and I'm lucky if I got 5 min per foot. Then I ordered room service which was artichoke dip with crab and a Caesar salad. The dip was huge but tasted like flavorless mush. I didn't eat it. I think it must have been mostly bread crumbs or some other filler. Not creamy artichoke dip as expected. The Caesar salad was bland as well but I was able to fix it up by squeezing on several lemon wedges and adding salt...i have never put salt on a Caesar salad before! It just lacked any flavour or zing. The staff have been friendly at the hotel but I'm disappointed overall. I don't think I will stay here again or recommend it. I guess it's more suited to gamblers or people that don't care about good food or a quality spa.