Daniel Ramos
Del Mar Fairgrounds Del Mar Fairgrounds
Del Mar, California
"Daniel Ramos"
This is a review for the fair, not exactly the fairgrounds. What. A. Waste. Of. Cash. Firstly $13 dollar parking fee, and if they're overloaded they make you park on a dirtlot farther away. Granted there is a shuttle, but they're charging you the same people who park up front and don't get their cars covered in dirt. Entry is $15, not bad on it's own but but add parking and other costs. Enter the fair, you have hundreds of food items to choose from. Most things are just extreme versions of what you can eat anywhere else, and easily make at home. The cheapest food item you will find is a single taco, for 7 dollars. Not even a large taco, an average size taco. If you eat one meal here, it comes out to $20-30. Come the attractions. Each ride costs in average $3-4.50. There are not fleshed out rides like you would find at a theme park. These are rides that complete one small circuit, or one drop, and you're out of there. In and out in 2 minutes or less. If you wanted to ride rides all day, you'd drop 36 dollars on their unlimited wristband, but wait, that wristband is only available on very specific days. You would probably have to drop $50 on tickets to enjoy yourself ( this does not include bungee jumping which costs $30 on its own). Sounds about it, right? Nah. Not a single vendor offers free water. None. So you are either forced to drink from infested burning fountains that are hidden against the horse track OR drop 10 dollars on a drink. All while game vendors are yelling at you and trying to get your attention to sell you their two shots at a bucket game for 5 dollars. The only thing actually worth coming here for, are the exhibits. There are many art, woodworking, and mineral contests within the fairgrounds and honestly one of the cheapest but also most entertaining things you can do if you're into that. Most showrooms are air conditioned relatively quiet, and have lots of things to look at for free. Conclusion; If you're planning on spending 70 dollars per person + 13 dollars for parking. Remember that Knott's Berry Farm which also has the exact same dirty fair aesthetic as county fairs has tickets for like $45.