Erika Molina
Gran Bahia Principe La Romana Gran Bahia Principe La Romana
La Romana
"Erika Molina"
Not worth it AT ALL. Honestly the worst hotel Ive ever been to, and I'm Dominican. Those who come to my country for the first time and use this resort will probably never want to go back. It leaves a bad impression. The hotel needs mayor restorations.. its old and its decaying and its obvious. The lobby bathrooms were full of flies and dirty. The AC units are old and cant handle being on all day. We tried making reservations to any of the 3 restaurants and they were already full and we tried doing this at 8:30 am but were not able to get any except the Asian one which is not part of Bahia Principe, its in the sister resort. In the restaurant, they only had one rice option which has shrimp and I'm allergic. I asked for just plain white rice or any rice and they said they didn't have any rice except the pre-made shrimp rice. So not only were they unable to accommodate a simple request as getting white rice (which was available at the buffet in huge quantities) but you also are made aware that the food is not even fresh.

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