Ni Ta
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek, Florida
"Ni Ta"
BRING YOUR OWN OXYGEN!!! The smoke in this casino is very strong! If you can breathe through the overwhelming amount of second hand smoke then you will be able to enjoy the wide variety of slots and games they have there. You might even be able to play long enough to win BIG before you suffocate! Many people have claimed to win a lot there which is encouraging, (if you walk away before spending it all), assuming you can breathe long enough to get out of there alive. They should consider having ambulances ready and waiting outside for chances of survival. It would help if they had some kind of purification system that absorbs the smoke instead of our lungs. Maybe open a window, put some fans on, hand out masks, do something to keep everyone alive! They do however have a small non-smoking area upstairs however you have to get through the long hike through the smoke in order to get there. One very good thing about the casino is that the staff is very helpful, friendly and efficient. Maybe they're all high on the smoke, but nevertheless very nice. I hope they have excellent health insurance coverage. Hope this review helps, Good Luck and happy breathing!

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