Ni Ta
Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park
Pompano Beach, Florida
"Ni Ta"
Great non-smoking casino but get ready to lose all your money! Overall the casino is very nice. Parking is fairly easy and there is the option to valet. There are a good variety of slots and the staff is helpful and courteous. The buffet on the weekends is incredible! Practically everything you want to eat and more. The food is very flavorful and filling. As for the slots, there are a lot of people constantly complaining that they are not winning and if they do it's not much. They also say that the payouts have been consistently low and that the casino used to have more jackpot payouts years ago but not lately. Others have also said that the Coconut Creek casino pays better and that if not for the smoke there they would go to that one more often. After getting so frustrated from not winning much here I decided to try the other casino as previously mentioned and everyone is right. There are better payouts and your money at least lasts a lot longer for playing to be enjoyable and not constantly losing everything without much winning. Another issue is that people complained about not winning when they used their player's club card. Maybe it's a strange coincidence however I noticed the same issue and stopped using the card as an experiment. Sometimes it's an immediately noticeable difference and I wonder why that occurs. There also seems to be more offers and benefits to having a club card with other casinos as compared to this one. They may want to consider matching or exceeding the other offers by other casinos with the players club card, otherwise people will start going more to the casinos with better benefits. Also considering the smaller size of this casino with less options in machines and not much payouts they'll have to come up with a way to get people like myself and others to consider coming back. If I do consider going back it will probably be to the buffet and nothing else.

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