Christy Runyon
Riverside Casino & Golf Resort Riverside Casino & Golf Resort
Riverside, Iowa
"Christy Runyon"
We have been guests at Riverside at least once a year for quite a few years now. Always have a fun time dancing and gambling. The only downside are the bartenders at the dance floor bar. They never make eye contact, never look to see if anyone needs a drink. This has happened every single time we're there and not just to us. A group of four came up to the bar. Bartender walks right in front of them, does some busy work but never acknowledges them. The customer practically had to yell and wave his money to get his attention. We love this casino but the bartenders need lessons in being attentive to their customers. The rooms are spacious and always clean. I called last minute to get a room that night. Only rooms left were smoking. We brought a plug-in air freshener just in case. She made a note that if a nonsmoking room was available, we would get it. Checked in and was able to get a nonsmoking room. Very appreciated!!!