Christian Jackson
Cache Creek Casino Resort Cache Creek Casino Resort
Brooks, California
"Christian Jackson"
Drove down for dinner with my girlfriend and her family. Turns out the steak place AND the buffet were closed Wednesday and Thursday, the two days we would be there. So we settled for the pan- Asian place next to the Chinese restaurant. I may have set my standards too high since it was a casino, so I expected something more from the quality of our food. The pool with the kids was a blast. And the shower was great, especially for someone as tall as I am. The room came with a fridge that wasn't crammed with snacks and drinks like some hotels which charge you for even moving an item out of place. As usual the bed and pillows were too soft for my liking so I didn't have the greatest night's sleep. The curtains blanketed the entire room in darkness though which helped us to sleep in a little. In all, it's a cool spot if you like to gamble I guess. Not my scene and I won't be heading back unless there's another family gathering there.