Blu V
Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Blu V"
So this casino was nice, probably the nicest one in Atlantic City. I had a good time until I had an incident with one of the dealers and the pit boss. I tapped for another card while playing black jack, which the Gaming Commission confirmed for me after I filed a complaint, and the dealer skipped me. The staff was rude to me and insisted that I did not tap for another card. The man next to me also confirmed that I in fact tapped for another card. The casino is refusing to pay me because they allege that I didn't alert the dealer fast enough even though I did tap for another card and the dealer missed it. The Gaming Commission has sided with me on this as I stated previously. I will never go here again, nor will I recommend it to anyone. The staff was horrible to me and made me feel like I was making the whole incident up. I'm sure the casino will not even care about this review at all. I honestly don't know why I'm wasting my breath, but I wanted my story to be heard. Beware, they are nice until there is a problem!