Kelly Reaves
Jena Choctaw Pines Casino Jena Choctaw Pines Casino
Dry Prong, Louisiana
"Kelly Reaves"
My little sister and I were on our way back to Texas from vacationing in Florida last night. I wanted to find a casino on our way back through Louisiana to stop at for a few hours and we happened upon Choctaw Pines. We had only planned to stay for an hour or so but after being there for about 45 minutes, an announcement was made to go to the players club desk if you had a June birthday. I did so as my birthday is on the 20th. I was excited to receive $10 free to play in the machines and a free buffet. I paid for my sister's buffet which was $22 because it was "steak and seafood" night. We were both starving as we hadn't eaten all day so we were super excited and we both LOVE seafood. We proceeded to the buffet cashier where we were given a pager and told we had to wait approximately 35 minutes until a table was ready. I was disappointed right then, and confused because there were tons of tables open and not being used but we waited anyway. We finally received our page that a table was ready but when we followed the hostess in, a table was NOT ready. We followed her around to a dirty table and had to wait 10 additional minutes for someone to show up to clear and clean it off. We saw the waitress come out and grab the tip off of that table but she then disappeared. She didn't clean the table so we waited for the hostess to do it. We proceeded to the buffet line and the food LOOKED good. I got frog legs, stuffed crab, and seafood pasta. I saw a lady grilling some shrimp and handing it to a gentleman and then I asked her for some grilled shrimp also. Expecting her to throw some on the grill....instead she said, (very rudely), "Well, put your plate up here"! She scooped up some grilled COLD shrimp that was sitting in a container by the glass sneeze wall and put it on our plates. It was not warm at all and we don't know how long it had been sitting there yet I watched her hand a plate of freshly grilled shrimp to a gentleman right before us. My sister and I both couldn't believe how rude she was. We proceeded through the line and got some fried shrimp and my sister also got some grilled salmon. Every single thing we put on our plates was cold. I told my sister not to eat the fish as it should be kept warm to be safe to eat. The only decent thing I ate was the frog legs but they were not warm either. The dessert bar had a sign showing they had peach cobbler but they did not have any peach cobbler. We tried some strawberry cheesecake and even that was awful. Needless to say, we left our plates, food and all and headed home hungry and disappointed. I have been to several different casinos with buffets that were amazing. This buffet was terrible and so was the service. I will not be going back to this casino/buffet ever again. It was such a waste of money. The bathrooms also stunk to high heaven. Just an overall terrible experience. Save your money! So disappointing.