George Anschutz
Century Casino Cripple Creek
Cripple Creek, Colorado
"George Anschutz"
Our suite at the Century was one of nicest and coolest accommodations we've ever stayed in. I could go on and on about it, but to cut to the chase, the lighting was amazing, with ample task lighting combined with softer overhead lighting. The bathroom finishes were urbane. The window between the shower and the room was fun, plus it allowed natural light from the four huge windows into the bathroom. The bedding was first rate. If I hit the lottery and could design a bedroom suite in my house, this is the design I'd use. A couple minuses...the shower controls are placed so you get wet turning on the shower. The water saver toilet was weird when it was filling up, kind of like there might be a sensor inside that was turning the fill off and on. It sounded kind of like the toilet was regurgitating water into the tank. The room was quiet. We're very particular about quiet. We were in Cripple Creek on a Monday and Tuesday, so things were pretty dead, and we heard no noise from the casino or from Bennett Avenue. It was extremely windy while were were there, so we did hear a bit of noise from the flags mounted by our windows. Mid-City Grille was great. We visited three times and were happy with everything. The tomato-basil tortilla was a lovely surprise that I would have never expected with my quesadilla. In the course of our two days we enjoyed the spaghetti with meat sauce, chicken parmesan, chicken quesadilla, green chili, shrimp basket, fish and chips, and several salads. All were perfect and well-presented. The wait staff was friendly and professional, and service was prompt. The casino reminded me a little of Central City, with a cut up space, tight slots, and almost nonexistent drink service. If you want a better casino, go to Wildwood. One additional observation...when we arrived, we dragged our luggage up several weird groups of stairs from the back parking lot to the hotel elevator. This morning as we were leaving, we discovered that there is a ramp to both Bennett Avenue and to the back parking lot. It's at the front NW corner of the building. Look for the Mid-City Grill signs. I wonder why the heck the people at the hotel desk didn't tell us about it when we arrived. I wonder why they didn't put the front desk on the same level as the restaurant, ramp, and elevator, and I wonder how they meet code to be ADA compatible with all those stairs. As a matter of fact, the people at the hotel desk weren't that great all the way around. When I made the reservation, the woman I talked to was super friendly and accommodating, told us we could arrive early if necessary, and was generally enthusiastic and helpful. When we arrived, one of the staffers was sipping on a huge Pepsi something, and they just seemed like they had better things to do than to take care of us. Plus, somehow the early arrival promise got lost. We arrived at 2:30 and were told that we'd need to wait until 4:00 to get into our room. So, not so friendly and accommodating after all. Here's the bottom line: Casino - Drink service in casino - - Hotel desk staff - - Hotel room +++ Food at Mid Century Grill + Restaurant wait staff ++