Rebekaah Harkless
Deadwood Express Deadwood Express
Deadwood, South Dakota
"Rebekaah Harkless"
This hotel is located in downtown Deadwood just south of Main Street. When you first arrive you are met with a very small street by which to park on and unload your gear. You then have to drive 3 blocks away to park your car in a parking garage. The rooms are quaint but the interior rooms window faces the Atrium and have a shade on them that does not quite block out all of the lights and you get no sunshine at all. They are pet friendly and have a small dog relief area out behind the hotel just down under the main road. It can be a bit scary with the cars rushing by so close to your head. The rooms are clean and the beds are to die for; they are super soft and the most comfortable beds I've slept in in a Holiday Inn Express. However, the soft beds just weren't enough to make up for the long walk the crappy Drive way, the absent fridge and the lack of space for morning breakfast.