Matt Olafssen
Sportsman's Royal Manor Sportsman's Royal Manor
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Matt Olafssen"
I stayed there for about two months, but not that recently so I don't know if there have been any updates. I paid a very reasonable rent about $675/month at the time paid weekly (sure it has likely gone up a bit) for all utilities included but no internet and limited cable television. The apartments were decent, but the interior courtyards were odd., The buildings felt closed off from the area with the interior courtyards. They would constantly landscape the grounds but there was always people littering. The grounds were fairly well kept. The apartment buildings were likely from the 1960s with rooms that had a 1980s feel to them. The location was excellent along Boulder Highway and Tropicana bus lines which are major streets that offer lots of amenities. There is also a shopping center on the other side of the street.