Nateya Perry
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"Nateya Perry"
Let me first say that the hotel is very beautiful, the rooms are a bit different from every room that you go in but for the most part everything is clean and well-kept. The pool is beautiful but it does not look like anything that they are advertising. I would like to say my trip was a bit disappointing. It consisted of false advertisement and the treatment from the staff made me not want to spend even a day in the establishment. There seems to be a race issue in a great deal of miscommunication when telling you what's available to you. Even though when I arrived to dinner there was hardly anybody in the restaurant I was still waited on last and when I expressed my frustration in a positive manner I was waved Away by the manager. If you are an African American person no one seems to pay attention to you they seem to give you the bare minimum of what's available and what you should receive the staff has attitudes and they act like they cannot hear you when you are asking for something over the average Caucasian person requesting what they need. If you are an African American person trying to check out this hotel please pass it up there were better places in San Juan who treated our race more better more better