Jefferson Vinall
Century Casino Century Casino
St. Albert, Alberta
"Jefferson Vinall"
Over the weekend, I read what seemed too good to be true. My local newspaper contained an ad for the Century Casino’s VEE Restaurant. It advertised a breakfast special for just $3.99! This included coffee or tea, scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage and bacon. The special runs only on Wednesdays from 9-11 am. I had to check it out. As Wednesday came, I found myself giddy as a school girl. Upon entering the restaurant and finding a seat, I was quickly greeted by a young man named Drew who took my order immediately. I discovered that the offer was real. He asked how I wanted my eggs, which surprised me because the ad specified scrambled eggs, and I half expected this to be a pre-set plate or perhaps a buffet. I told him I’d like my eggs poached, and ordered a black coffee. I retained the menu for further study, and saw plenty on the menu to compel me to return, even on a non-special day. Drew returned with my coffee promptly. It was a good quality medium roast. In just a few short minutes later my food arrived. It was a real plate, a full order. I received two poached eggs, two sausages, two strips of bacon, and a mound of hash browns. I was pleased by the quantity. I was more impressed by the quality. The eggs were cooked to perfection. The maple sausages came caramelized just right, and the bacon was exactly the crispiness I prefer. The hash browns, thumbnail sized cubed potatoes, were nicely seasoned. There were other small things I noticed and enjoyed. The salt and pepper shakers at my table were freshly cleaned inside and out. The pepper was fresh, not the powdery old stuff that you sometimes see elsewhere. There was light music playing. The various servers worked congenially as a team. As I dined, I overheard another server explaining that the restaurant doesn't normally open until 9:30, but on Wednesdays for the special, they opened at 9:00. The restaurant began to fill, the special having enticed many others to try it out. Several people seemed as amazed as I, while others appeared to have been here before. I was careful to listen to the interactions between the servers and their customers. Everyone was pleasant, service was prompt throughout, and I was left feeling that our business was genuinely appreciated. As I finished, my server returned and asked if I wanted anything else. I requested the bill, which also came promptly and the young man brought a debit machine with him. When I looked at the bill I actually laughed a little, because the price was so unusual. It came to $4.19 with tax. I paid with a ten and the server offered to bring change. I told him no, thank you, and complimented his service. I was in and out within 35 minutes. What a great experience! by Jefferson Vinall, June 21, 2017