Ben H
Maryland Live! Casino Maryland Live! Casino
Hanover, Maryland
"Ben H"
I used to like going to this casino because they had the best table games out of the three big casinos in the state (MGM, Horseshoe, Live) Now they've changed all of the blackjack tables to where they hit on soft 17 and most of them use those shuffling machines that continuously shuffle all the cards so far all I know, I'm not getting a fair hand. I have no reason anymore to make the drive there when MGM is closer and has better restaurants. The buffet here is awful with poor service (I frequently see nobody manning the create your own pasta dish station and other stations, they don't label the foods correctly often times and many of the individual servers need remedial customer service training as I shouldn't have to get up out of my seat to flag them down for more water, nor should I have to wait for them to find me usable silverware!) At En Vivo, there is one Asian lady who is doing the jobs of two people. She acts as the sole cashier and is serving people their food. This causes the lines to get long and take forever. This should have been fixed from day one. It's still an issue! At Morty's, every time I go there, they're out of pretty much all bagels and/or nova salmon.