Meghan Langley
4 Bears Casino & Lodge 4 Bears Casino & Lodge
New Town, North Dakota
"Meghan Langley"
The campground the casino runs is not too great. This place could be really nice if they kept it up. Gorgeous views of the lake/river. This place has trash all over the place! They gave us a big list of rules but clearly they do not make people follow them at all. People fly by all day long, on 4 wheelers, side by sides, vehicles. I'm scared to even let me kids play outside here. Shady people staying in the primitive camping sites so be aware. Their park here is covered in trash and sticker weeds. So don't let your kids play there in sandles. Took my daughter once but she just kept picking up trash wondering why people didn't throw stuff away. Not going again. We've seen at least 3 stray dogs as well. Their trash area is disgusting so make sure you don't get a spot by there. Smell is horrible. Yesterday we got a sticker on our door saying we had to move our plug to a 30amp, when we are paying for a 50amp since we have a 50amp fifth wheel. No idea what that's about but we're leaving today anyways.