Darren Young
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"Darren Young"
This is the only Hilton-brand hotel that is centrally located in Seoul that I'm aware of. It's a very nice hotel and the staff is unbelievably friendly. They truly know what customer service is. If you're a diamond member, you get access to the executive lounge so breakfast and dinner (with drinks) are complimentary. Their fitness center, pool, and spa are nice. The fitness center was open 24 hours with key. Food is pricey, so it would probably be better to eat outside. Why wouldn't you? You're in downtown Seoul! There are tons of amazing little restaurants nearby. Plus, it's more fun. The rooms are definitely small and there aren't many drawers to put clothes away, if your stay happens to be longer than a week. It's an easy commute by taxi to and from Yongsan Army Garrison. There's even a direct line to AAFES taxi in the lobby. When the weather permits, I've even walked.