Shawna Cary
Tunica Roadhouse Casino and Hotel Tunica Roadhouse Casino and Hotel
Tunica Resorts, Mississippi
"Shawna Cary"
The Roadhouse hotel room was very neat and clean (We stayed on the 2nd floor room 208). The people were nice and hospitable. The reason I did not give it 5 stars was because of the slot machines and the spa availability. My husband and I were on our 2nd yr anniversary and wanted to get a couples massage. I spoke to a girl named Jessica (At Horseshoe Spa) who was nice but made no attempt to accommodate us stating they only had one therapist because the other therapist was taking off early for the next few days. She offered for us to receive massages at different times but that was defeating the purpose of the "couples massage". I asked about other spas in the area and she mentioned Goldstrike. I called and left a message because it went straight to VM. About 2 hours later a girl who stated her name was Felicia called back from Goldstrike Spa and low and behold she had the same excuse as Jessica! I thought this was pretty ironic but it was their lost because we really wanted to pamper ourselves on ANY one of our days there and therefore both places missed out on atleast $600!!! I dont know how one can have a business if there arent any therapist to fill the request of the customer. As for the slots, they are set up to take your money and give as less of a payback as possible. My dummy fault, but I fed several machines in Roadhouse casino (I played $1 machines with max bet $2) with a small 1 or 2x hit with a $100 bill. THAT is NOT normal. For a machine to take 200 dollars and only paying out 2-3wins of 10 dollars is just straight up scam. However, if you are looking to win some money, you can visit Goldstrike or Horseshoe. You will have to play hard but you do win at the I would like to say the Horseshoe Buffett was out this world on Father's Day. Everything was GREAT and FLAVORFUL!!! We missed Monday and went back Tuesday...what a huge mistake!!! It was like two different buffets. The food was bland and tasteless. They poured the veggies straight from the can into the pot to serve and the mac and cheese was made straight from the box with no flavor. In my opinion, the buffet should have one recipe for all foods served because we went back thinking we were going to receive the same recipe as Sunday and we received something that should be cost way less than $20pp. As for the American Buffet at Goldstrike, it was great! Not only did we receive a great meal but a man who was standing in line with what look to be his son, out of the blue paid for my husband and I meal. It was such a nice gesture. We thanked him initially but didn't get a chance to thank him again. My husband and I do this a lot for others but never thought in a million years this would happen to us. Thank you again kind sir and may God continue to Bless You! Overall our stay was nice and the people were nice. This is a place where you go if you are only looking to gamble and meet nice people and gamble some more:) because these Casinos are in the middle of nowhere.