Vedant Kashyap
Longreach Jockey Club Inc. Longreach Jockey Club Inc.
Longreach, Queensland
"Vedant Kashyap"
Amazing place ... Great food... Close to the market! Maybe not such a good place for vegetarians because most of the food there is just meat and fish and stuff... but it's close to the market where you can buy a lot of stuff. There's a huge mall downstairs where you can buy almost anything... A huge share of my souvenirs came from there. The food was simply great because I am a non-vegetarian. There 1 or 2 indian resturants nearby as well... but I didn't check them out. The quality of the rooms is amazing... clean and hygienic toilets excellent room service... there is a service for voice messages at the reception also just in case your tour guide comes in and wants you to give a small alert about your plans for tomorrow or something. Overall an amazing experience!