Jessica Ngan
Golden Nugget - Atlantic City Golden Nugget - Atlantic City
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Jessica Ngan"
The outside Deck at Golden Nugget has one of the worst bartender service in the history. Actually let me rephrase that. Worst bartender service all around the Golden Nugget. Includes the bar on the casino floor in the back, bar on casino floor in the front, the little dance lounge bar by hotel check in and the bar at the pool. All bartender service are beyond unacceptable. I sat at the bar with barely anyone at the bar and bartender never acknowledged me. They were so busy talking and didn't want to be bother. Oh they saw me just didn't feel like asking if I'd wanted something to drink. I had to stop them from talking to ordered a drink. At the pool bar I sat for a good 20 minutes until a bartender decided to asked the 2 customer just walked up if they'd like something to drink than decided to ask me as well since I was right next to them. I ordered a drink and asked for a food menu. She said get it yourself it's over there. I didn't order any food that day and wanted just hurry finish my drink, pay my check and not tip her. Tip is base on service and I obvious didn't get any service but attitudes. I tip her anyways only because I don't believe 2 wrongs make a right. But I wanted just to leave asap.