Alexandria Buckner
Big Daddy's
Spokane, Washington
"Alexandria Buckner"
Uuummmm ...I'm from stl(314 big daddies totally different)im hoping I just came on a bad night.... I ordered a glass of wine white the bartender made it seem like she didn't want to pour it her face was all frowned up (I also bartend) I tipped her $5 on a $5 glass of wine she didn't say "thank you" or anything... Maybe she wasn't taught manners as a child Music selection?...zzzzz....(who and why are they playing this) Not what I thought it was going to be like I just moved to this side trying to venture out to my new surroundings .. Maybe maybe I'll give it another try... Maybe...ill give them another try if I don't have anything else planned (...30 mins later) I'll past....just not at all what I was thinking expecting or anticipating