Belinda Hansford
Downstream Casino Resort Downstream Casino Resort
Quapaw, Oklahoma
"Belinda Hansford"
The casino and hotel were both great. The valet however was horrible. We stood there for over 20 minutes for them to find our car. Not because they were busy because wee were they only ones standing there for at least 10 minutes before the next guest came to get Thier car. This delay caused us to be late for an appointment that was 2 hours away which forced us to reschedule. Never once was there an apology or did they come up to us to let us know what was going on. When I went in to check on it half way through the guy behind the counter only said they are searching lot 2 for it. HOW CAN YOU LOSE A CAR WHEN THAT IS YOUR JOB is what i wanted to scream. If they didn't know to write down what type of vehicle it was they shouldn't be working valet. Needles to say the someone had to drive the valet that brought us our car around just to find it. It was a horrible start to my anniversary. If we make a trip to them again we will not be using the valet again