Ken Julian
DiamondJacks Casino & Resort DiamondJacks Casino & Resort
Bossier City, Louisiana
"Ken Julian"
My best advise would be to keep your money and go somewhere else. It was quiet and I mean extremely quiet (silent) for July 3rd from 7:30 pm- 9:00 pm while we were there. Put a $100 in a slot machine and you were very lucky to get a free drink before they got back to you with any money left on your machine. To get a bonus on a machine, give them your wallet, bank acct #, title to your car and house and you might get to play a few hours before your homeless and hungry. You could more fun at the horseraces, scratching lotto tickets, or flipping quarters than playing these machines. Hell, I would have had a blast getting drunk at the strip club with the $500 I blew here in 1 1/2 hrs. Bet max and see how many bonuses you get. Then go hit the ATM and slug em some more and see what happens, then go home disgusted. I like to gamble and know the risk of losing, but I'm no idiot and can sense when it's a stacked deck in favor of the house. Also was told by someone that lives close by that this casino is on the verge of bankruptcy. Wish I had known.