Raquel Heredia
Cafe Arizona Cafe Arizona
Federal Way, Washington
"Raquel Heredia"
First time here, we got seated next to the elephants. They had a thunderstorm show. The show was fun but the food wait was pretty long. It look 40 minutes from the time we ordered to get our food and this is not during rush hour. My son was pretty fussy because he was really hungry. It would have been nice to give my son a cracker or something while we waited so long. I do remember the waitress coming up and asking if everything was okay at the 20 minute mark. My husband and I looked at each other, like we don't have any food. When we finally got the food, it seemed like the cook bought the food with his own money, like the amount was very little for the amount paid. I asked the waitress if cheese was extra, she said yes. Then I asked the waitress if the meal came with a little bit of fries, and she said it would be extra if we wanted more fries. My husband said his meal was good but nothing great, especially for the price. My mash potatoes were good but no where near as good at I've had and my bean hamburger was super dry. I had to add 3 different sauces to give it moisture. The waitress asked if we wanted water when we were done eating. My husband was never given a refill for the soda, maybe it was extra for that too. The place is definitely underwhelming for the hype of the visual look of it.