todd murphy
Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino
West Wendover, Nevada
"todd murphy"
This place just needs to be shut down. The air conditioner didn't work right. They sent the mechanic up, he made some noise banging on things for about 10 minutes, told us it should be working in a few minutes. It did for about 10 minutes then blew simi cold air, on a 100 degree day. We had to sleep with no covers on. The electrical outlets wouldn't work, or hold the plug in. The floor was unbelievably dirty. Mildew in the grout in the shower. Hair on the sheet of one of the queen beds, we were hot cause the air conditioner didn't work, so my wife n I were going to sleep in separate beds to possibly stay cooler, but that got squashed cause of the hair in the other bed. The lobby had peas all over the floor, some smashed by people walking on them. The hotel just looks like they aren't doing any upkeep at all..