Captain Irk
Harrah's Gulf Coast Harrah's Gulf Coast
Biloxi, MS
"Captain Irk"
I'm laid back and don't usually write bad ratings, but my mother taught me "You may have to be poor, but you don't have to be dirty." Harrah's Biloxi is absolutely the worst hotel I have ever been to. I don't know where to begin but here goes: 1) the room was just painted and smelled horrible (I looked for evidence tape); 2) they kicked the kids out of the pool at 8 pm (though the pool is open until 10's the summer time after all...that was 40+ kids unhappy so they could have some adult hookup party); 3) no waitress at the pool; 4) the only hot tub was closed; 5) I don't know who's hair that was in the bath tub; 6) there was something that looked like dryer lint on the electrical socket in the bathroom; 7) the paint was pealing almost everywhere (the pool, the parking garage, the hotel elevator...everywhere except my room); 8) in the 12 minutes it took to check-in the parking garage yielded only two door dents to my SUV (not the casino's fault); 9) the carpets were filthy; 10) every single trash bin was near full or overflowing; and I would write more, but we've only been here for about an hour. MY SINCERE ADVICE IS DO NOT BRING KIDS HERE. Safety first!