Presley Grubbs
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Stigler, Oklahoma
"Presley Grubbs"
When I called I specifically asked, is it family friendly? and asked about smoking in the hotel part, well the Hotel part is suppose to be non smoking but smells like smoke strongly through the entire place , wouldn't have been so bad if it was just me but I had a 1 and 9yr old with me. We were traveling and picked here to rest for the night. Tried to get a refund 20min after checking in and according to the manager that's not allowed, I explained to her that the smoke smell was so strong my one year old couldn't handle it. I was even feeling sick from it. She offered me another room that wasn't any better so we just left without getting our $100+ back. . I realize it's a hotel and casino but I've stayed at other Choctaw Casino/Hotel locations and have never had this issue. I thought I was staying with a trusted name based on the other locations I've stayed at but I was wrong. It's not smoke free, the whole place is strong smelling. Also, I just want to add how heartless the manager is after I told her my one year old was having a hard time with the smell, "all I can do is move you to another room, No refunds" Parking sucks too! & The front desk kid wasn't very welcoming from the jump. No room service or call in orders to run down and pick up to take back to your room. You HAVE to eat at the restaurant. All which was inconvenient for a family with young ones. Do not recommend to anyone with kids. Or to anyone that has problems with smoke smell.