Garrad Flint
Mooroopna Racecourse
Mooroopna, Victoria
"Garrad Flint"
The 2 times we've been here have been stupidly bad! The first time we had our order of muffins with jam come with just the muffins, not buttered or with anything included in the bag, and as we had driven off, we didn't have time to come back. The second time (we figured it was a one time thing) we had the hotcakes we ordered come crammed in one side of the box, the fries were literally put in upside down (like slotted in upside down, not fallen in the bag). There was no butter or syrup with the pancakes and when we decided to turn around to return it, they tried to throw out the rest of what we ordered, gave us a complimentary bacon and egg muffin with no sauce. Then by the time we made it back to the car the rest was just cold and unenjoyable.