James D
Twin River Casino Twin River Casino
Lincoln, Rhode Island
"James D"
Good selection for gaming in the area but constantly loose every time I go here, I play Black jack and I do play the right way and just can never beat the dealer they always have better than 18 or 21(black jack). I also play the $1 slots which are suppose to be looser than the penny slots and quarter slots but loose on those too, glad I only come here once in a while or I would seriously be in the poor house. The other thing about this place is they have a very small non smoking gaming area, the rest of the place down stairs is smoke infested, they have a cigar bar there as well great if you smoke but if your a non smoker like my self your lungs get a toxic work out. Can't blame the place if I don't win but loosen those slots up a bit, and let me win a few hands of blackjack once in a while. Dining options are just ok but don't expect to eat on comps because the comp system is horrible lost $800 in the slots and spent 5 hours there over 4 were at the slots and I was only able to get a couple hot dogs in the food court ($14 meal)