George Huber
Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino
West Wendover, Nevada
"George Huber"
All i have to say is I had a better check in at a motel 6! I get here and check into my first room, and the toilet does not work. I called for maintenance to come fix it. 5 minutes later the call me and tell me that they are switching us rooms. I get to the second room and they actually downgraded us! I went back down and they gave us a third room. When we reached the door, the keys wiuld not work. So we went down again. The fixed the keys and we finally get into a room about an hour and a half after we first checked in. Oh and now the toilet keeps running every 10 minutes! Honestly i just want to go home and just save the money that i would have spent here.