Alison Thomson
Dotty's 35
Elko, Nevada
"Alison Thomson"
Terrible experience. I went in to Dotty's to buy a drink today as well as to break a hundred. I am also 8 months pregnant. The lady turned me away for no reason and said she couldn't break it and also would not let me buy a soda. I politely left and told my friend what happened. My friend took me back because she was a regular. We put our money in the machine to gamble a few dollars. After we played we cashed out and took our ticket to the lady. She pushed the ticket back at us and said she wasn't cashing it out for Starbucks or GameStop. We looked at each other and asked "what" because we were both shocked that she was implying that she was not going to cash our ticket out. We stood there and she finally took it and gave us our change and we left. She was very rude and had terrible customer service skills. I wouldn't go back!