River Spirit Casino River Spirit Casino
Tulsa, Oklahoma
"MD P"
Holy cow, why all of the good reviews? As a casino, it is probably average. As a hotel, if you can call it that, it is the absolute worst. Not just a bad hotel for a casino hotel, bad for any hotel. While I might have picked a horrible night to stay with a sorority reunion in town, the elevators were slow all night. Waits of 30 minutes were common. People above the 12th floor walked down, it was so bad. In addition, the top floors had almost no water pressure, showers were horrible, toilets barely flushed, and sinks barely ran. Really? And I paid for this junk? While I complained to the front desk, they could care less. On a positive note, a security guard who overheard my complaints (security was professional and well needed this weekend) saw me later and confirmed some serious elevator issues with guests and building issues with water on the upper floors. Apparently this is a known issue with the building. Funny, the front desk manager just smiled and apologized. They did say they were working on it and that hope it would be fixed by the time that I came back. I won't be back, the Hard Rock Hotel is too nice. Finally, the poker room here is where they place the almost dead players. No action, horrible tables and atmosphere. Again, why bother, the Hard Rock is so much better. For about the same price, save yourself some agony, and stay somewhere else. You can thank me later. And for those in denial, ask to be escorted to an upper floor, flush the toilet or run the shower. After waiting half a day for the round trip, only to see drip, drip, drip, you'll understand.