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Jul 15 '17 at 17:27

Chuka Adibuah

Chuka Adibuah
Great rooms. I would say that you can come to Vegas without ever leaving the hotel and still have a great time. There are 3 separate pools with activities during the day and nighttime. The view from the room is fantastic! I was actually staying at the encore hotel but both hotels are so similar. The room was spacious. The breakfast buffet was top notch. One of the best buffets I've eaten hands down; but be prepared to pay at least 50 dollars for each meal, I felt it was so good that I went there multiple times. There are no water fountains around the hotel so it may be wise to bring your own water unless you can justify spending 5 dollars and taxes for a small bottle of water. The bathroom was huge but could use better air venting systems. It had both a shower and bath tub. I must confess the hotel is located towards the end of the Vegas strip but I didn't mind either walking or using uber. I would definitely consider staying here again during my next visit.