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Jul 10 '17 at 0:23

Bri 78

Bri 78
More smoke than I thought, it shouldn't be smoking right in the main lobby. I'm a non smoker and it was very daunting upon walking in. I almost wanted to cancel my reservation but couldn't find another hotel on short notice. My daughter has asthma and I prayed she wouldn't have an attack from the smoke everywhere. The icing on the cake that will ensure I never come back here was the rude and stereotypical racist servers in the buffet!! There were no forks or knives, just spoons. I asked a waiter could they bring water and flatware to the table, that never happened, several waiters continued to walk by us while clearly seeing the messy table, no water, no flatware, no napkins. TERRIBLE SERVICE, a little about me, I'm an IT professional and make a very good living. Those losers of waiters missed out on a hefty tip because they are ignorant and judge people by their appearance. I'm on vacation which means I'm just trying to have a good time with my family. Way to go on a horrible first impression with tourists, so long.