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Jul 15 '17 at 13:46

Lisa Anthous

Jack Thistledown Racino

Lisa Anthous
I'm a Keno player, husband likes slots. The casino was OK, but TERRIBLE and I mean TERRIBLE SCALE payouts....I don't care what % casino pays out in whole, I'M more concerned with the machine I am on and ALL the Keno games and slots have TERRIBLE pay scale, you only win half money you would in same game at Hard Rock! And the food places are expensive, not many choices on menus and TERRIBLE food! The only place that I played Keno that had Vegas odds was at the bar, not many machines and playing there was cold, can't sit on sides of bar because the cold air from AC from ceiling blowing on you so left me only back of bar to play on, no music to listen to...over all not worth going, to many negatives for a casual go to spot to relax and have fun frequently! Will play at Hard Rock...better pay scales, on individual machines, for your money and eating is a little better there.