Robbie Davidson
Casino de Namur
"Robbie Davidson"
Well they have a lot of fairly large poker tournaments so that's the plus. But they have the absolute worst dealers I've ever seen. Misdeals all over the place, losing tracks of pots and all ins, etc. The table has to do most of the work. And on top of that, for a 30 EUR buy in tourney, they charge a 10 EUR entry fee AND they took an extra 200 EUR out if the pot (186 entries at 30 EUR is a 5.580 EUR pot, but their pot is 5.394 EUR). And I only played that tourney after waiting for the 50 EUR one to start an hour after the start of the 30 EUR one, only to be told at the time of start that it was cancelled (no explanation given but I think they were low on dealers). So 1 extra star for actually having poker tourneys available but it's of the poorest quality and almost highway robbery Update: this casino and its poker tournaments are an absolute joke. Played till 4 in the morning and got 3rd in the tourney which was supposed to pay out 660 EUR and when I go to cash out, they give me 660 EUR worth of gift cards for playing more poker tourneys. They only can be used at their casino in more poker tourneys. Didn't advertise this anywhere so when I asked about that, they said "it was on the website". Tourney should have been advertised as a satellite if this was the case.....don't think this is the case for most of their tourneys but what a joke