Bev Z
Presque Isle Downs & Casino Presque Isle Downs & Casino
Erie, Pennsylvania
"Bev Z"
We went because it's our birthdays this month & they used to give you $10 free play. They changed the rule yet again, you get it only day of, before or after your actual birthday. Add it's now a whopping $5 (barely worth the gas money if you live in town) Ok, so not the end of the world. But add they had 2 people working guest services & a line nearly out the door. 15 minutes wasted there & people complaining nonstop. Then we love to go out to watch & play the horse races. Wow! Where do I start? Some of the races weren't even worth it with literally 4 horses in. Even those I think my dogs run faster. That also limits your betting options for obvious reasons of no matter what you could win if you bet across the board. We left after 3 or 4 races. Then bring on "Family Night," which is wonderful BUT the cheap eats so you can afford it as a family? Disgusting! We didn't eat but the people all around us were complaining that they were waiting for their grilled burgers & dogs forever at some points & the servers we're trying to keep ahead by having a bunch of buns ready but the flies (hello horses = flies) were all over. The condiments area was a complete mess plus flies. The idea is great but you're a professional group. Spray for the flies, keep the area clean regularly and for God's sake following the health rule of gloves doesn't keep filthy flies off! Disgusting & glad we weren't eating! Our visit was well AFTER Roar on the Shore had gathered & left. The only truly packed area was the horse racing because of all the kids & families. So it wasn't a problem of being overwhelmed. Besides, if you know anything you know most locals avoid the place while we welcome all the bikers to gather there that entire week. Personally I have doubts we will return often for even the races, which we used to love & go to often.