Dame zero
SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Dame zero"
(REVIEW WRITTEN BY DEANNA,DUE TO NOT HAVING GMAIL) Saturday, July 8, 2017 comes, and we get to the hotel around 11:30pm. I am greeted by receptionist Janice. She asks me if I still need a double bed room, I answered “yes.” Then she continues to tell me that there are no rooms available, but that she can accommodate me in a king bed room with a roll away bed. I of course told her that was not going to work. I began to ask her how is it that a room I booked a month prior, already paid for, is not ready 8.5 hours after check in time?!? Her response was that the rooms are not guaranteed and it is a first come first serve basis. If we choose to take the 1 King bed and a roll away, she will be able to move us to a double bed room the next day. Being that it is already the end of Saturday and we are leaving by 12pm Monday, that was not an option. We were looking to be settled and comfortable, especially not to be sleeping on a roll away bed. She continued to try to explain to me that there were absolutely no rooms available and that there was nothing she can do. I insisted that she spoke to somebody that can do something. She grabbed my id or credit card from her computer swiftly and gave me a sarcastic remark that the room is not guaranteed. I requested that she showed me on my reservation where it says that the room I booked is at a first come first serve basis and not guaranteed. She ignored those requests and went somewhere to speak to somebody. She returned and informed me that she can put us in the story room. She failed to mention that the square footage would be smaller, as well as the layout/decor of the room. When we waked into our room it was completely different from the double rooms in the World Tower. The ceiling looked like it was never painted. The sink was outside the bathroom, which looked like a small kitchen sink. No mirrors inside the bathroom. The lighting is horrible. Lastly, the room indeed felt smaller compared to what I am always use to during my stays. So, Monday July 10, 2017 comes and it is time to check out. I was greeted my front desk receptionist Cesar (who is an amazing employee and handled the situation very professionally). He ensured to explain to me the difference between the rooms, apologized for any negative treatment, and offered to comp the resort fee ($72.56). I agreed. Since I booked through a third party, I was told to file a claim through them in regards to obtain the difference between the rooms. Since I paid for a larger room with a better layout and was placed in a smaller room with no explanation. I went ahead and called the front desk manager, Kendall, the next day, Tuesday July 11, 2017. He apparently had no information on what took place and he too explained to me the same thing Cesar did. He also insisted that if I choose to return I will get some kind of compensation or upgrade. But he did also explain to me that the Story tower room (the smaller one that I did not book, but was placed in) is actually $20 more per night due to including a “package.” I asked him to explain what the package entailed, being that I never received it, and he never explained what that package included which caused the room to be placed at a high value than the larger rooms in the World tower. At this point, I was over the situation. I went ahead and contacted the third party I placed the reservations with, and filed a claim. All done right? NO. I then check my credit card bill (credit card I placed to hold the room at the time of check in) and there was a charge of $72.56 from SLS on July 12, 2017, two days after check out! This is ridiculous. I personally received a receipt from Cesar at the time of check out showing that I would only be charged for the in-room dinning, and to top it off I declined that they charge anything on the credit card they had on file, and gave him my debit card instead to charge. So they made an unauthorized charge to my card! A charge they said was waived! So of course I called back, spoke to Diego and he waived the fee (“again”).