Powers rios
Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Powers rios"
If anyone is looking for a great deal on hotels you can check it out on HotelRaven. com Booked a room on there and they had the best rates around... We went to the Observation Deck, I've seen the Stratosphere all my life and I've never once thought that you could just use it as a view point instead of actually having to go out on the rides. From parking to actually getting there was super easy and pretty fast. The Stratosphere might look old on the outside but the inside looks brand new, especially the casino that you have to walk through to get to the actual tower. Once your up top, the stunning view is one of the first things you see and it's great, there wasn't too many other people so if you wanted to go up there for a romantic night, it's definitely possible, over you're on the Observation Deck, there's the first floor where you can walk and look around the whole 360° but it's through a glass, but then you can go upstairs and view only the strip with no glass, it's pretty great. Definitely will go back.

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