Elise MacIntosh
Horseshoe Baltimore Horseshoe Baltimore
Baltimore, MD
"Elise MacIntosh"
I just recently visited this casino and was having a good time until the security put me in an unsafe situation. I walked friends out to put them in an Uber and attempted to go back into the casino to meet with other friends that stayed behind. Security denied my entrance and told me I needed to go outside. Now, I understand that I was in no position to go back into the establishment and order another drink, BUT my only friends were inside and then I was made to go outside, early in the morning, by myself. I told security I just needed to get to my friends, that I didn't have a ride, and they did nothing to help. They could have offered to walk me to my friends, or find them for me and tell them I was outside. If I was in no position to come back in, then why did they think I was in the position to stand outside, alone in downtown Baltimore.