melisa bergstedt
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Mescalero, New Mexico
"melisa bergstedt"
I had high hopes when I saw the hotel and grounds. I checked it to over a hour wait.The staff was courteous and apologetic. They were in the middle of an IT crash. They comped me free dinner for my family. And that was the last good thing to happen. I walked into a Room that was not clean. Sugar and Creamer residue from coffee all-over the counter's. A floor that was sticky. And carpet that was covered in crumbs plastic from Ciggarette pack wraps. Inside my son's sleeper sofa there was a dirty band-aid still stuffed into the bed. The Room smelt so bad that we had to put Car air fresheners into the AC vents. My children didn't like the buffet and I decided to order them Room service later. There were no working phones in the Room. So I had to attempt to reach Room service by my cell phone. I called repeatedly to no answer. By the time I reach someone they said they had already sent the cook home.And they would not be doing any more food for guests. According to The posted times The kitchen was still open. The next morning when we raised our concerns to the staff we were given 15% off and sent on our way. I was so disappointed in our stay. With such beauty and wonderful scenery and high costs I expected better from the staff and certainly better of the rooms. This was the kind of dirty you would expect from a low end chain motel. I certainly hope this is a unusual event but it was a waste of money and time by my account.