Shooting Star Casino, Hotel & Event Center
Mahnomen, Minnesota
Worst hotel I've ever stayed at. Casino is average, but the hotel experience will flow over and affect the casino experience, and my review as well. The last three times I've stayed there, I've had to call security on the "neighbors" twice and had them called on me once. The walls are sooooo thin, I can barely hear myself think cause of all the noise. Seriously, you can hear people right next door simply talk (or cough) through the walls. Toilets are purposely weakened for the fact the flush might wake someone up, and don't even think about taking a shower after a night on the floor. You'll get a noise complaint (IT'S SO FREAKING LOUD)! I'm 36 years old and haven't had a complaint on me in a hotel since I was 17. In conclusion... Work on your rooms Shooting Star. Forget the big names and your "amazing" restaurant and bar. Make the experience more enjoyable through the atmosphere instead of convincing people it's the "cool" place to be. It will truly work wonders for your establishment.

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Vegas Helicopters