Julie Wand
Buffalo Bill's Resort and Casino Buffalo Bill's Resort and Casino
Primm, Nevada
"Julie Wand"
I am not giving it a rating. I was repeatedly hit by a woman and another female while I stood in line to register for a room.When she stepped on my foot I finally turned around and told her "knock it off , you have been hitting me in line bumping me and now you stepped on my foot! Enough!". Her 2 male companions then took them out of the line and had them sit away from the line. It was late at night, I could tell they had been drinking. I finally made it to the desk to register for my room when she came up behind me bumped into me and grabbed my ass. The receptionist was right there and asked if I wanted security and I said yes! No security ever came and they dissappeared. I thought security had taken them away, would come back to take a report. I finally went to the security office to find out why No one came to take a report. They said they never heard of any problems when they got report. I wrote a brief synopsis and requested them to follow through. I had seen one of the men out in the casino and I was afraid she could be out there. I was informed he would check into it. I went to my room. In the morning new shift on, I asked them of my report, to my dismay no one had passed it on in report. He said he would look into it. I informed him I was leaving, I was not going to spend another day. I gave him my paperwork for my room and contact info. No one has contacted me yet! 3 shifts for security and they can't file a report. I was assaulted, and security and other staff did nothing! I had to rate this hotel a 1, before I could post this! It is a zero though.