Wendy Aiken
Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino
West Wendover, Nevada
"Wendy Aiken"
Wished I could give negative stars!!! Checked in after midnight. The guy at the desk offered our reserved room and said he didn't know if it was clean or not but said we could go check. Upon entering room 121 it appeared to be a crime scene. No lie! Furniture thrown all over the room. Plastic shower curtain in the hot tub. Personal belongings on the night stand. NO bedding! Most shocking was the fresh blood on the window curtain and back door!! Clearly something bad happened here. Returned to the desk horrified for someone's safety. The idiot at the desk wasn't surprised and didn't care. There were no other rooms in the city. He offered another room stating the same thing about it being clean. Why the hell do I have to run around the hotel checking the rooms?? Desperate checked that room it appeared to be clean but in extremely poor condition. Demanded a discount. Gambled all night (not at the nugget) but needed rest before driving. Laid on top of the bed for a few hours disgusted by the conditions. I'm still worried about what happened in room 121. I will never spend a dime at the nugget. It should be condemned it's not even fit for animals. Halls were dirty as well piles of towels left in the halls for hours.