Schyler Taylor
Magic Diamond - Rocker
Rocker, Montana
"Schyler Taylor"
Traveling out west with my wife, we booked a place in Butte coming from Yellowstone. This place is not actually in Butte, but a few miles down the road in a small truck stop town. Positives: the staff was friendly and the rooms were not dirty. Negatives: the bed was uncomfortable, there are very few TV channels, the room was not stocked properly, there is no refrigerator or microwave, if you want to do anything other than go to McDonald's you must drive 10 minutes, there was a weird odor in the room that never fully went away... Nothing screamed "find a different place to stay", and it was quite inexpensive, but I would suggest spending a little extra to find a different motel or hotel. All things considered, it gave me a clean bed to rest for the night between Yellowstone and Seattle, and for that it was acceptable.