Cheryl Willis
Newcastle Casino Newcastle Casino
Newcastle, Oklahoma
"Cheryl Willis"
The following reasons are why I only gave Newcastle 2 stars. First, you removed all the games that people like myself like to play. Kaboom, Open the Vault etc. Those games are cheaper to play when I'm out for an evening but don't have much money. You replaced those games with games that you have to pay more to play. Third, the bonuses on the games are ridiculous!!! Example: I was playing .90 cents on the Moolah. Went into the bonus, received over 80 spins. Bonus paid $84 dollars!!! That sucked!!! The bonuses are what we are striving to get while playing the game. To my understanding, the bonus's are what is suppose to pay more!!! Much more!!! Fourth, everyone in my family that come out there are still receiving coupons to play. I haven't received anything from you guys in almost 2 months. I was getting coupons, then they just stopped coming! I'm still coming to play (sometimes) but the coupons stopped and I at times, was playing with my card so I stopped using the card. Fifth, the new restaurant does not compare to Blackjack Grill quality. The food is not better!!!! I use to enjoy coming there. I live about 10 minutes away. It was my favorite place to play. Not anymore!!!!!! I understand the casino is in the business to make money. We (your patrons) are there to make money also. Especially when we have spent thousands of dollars at your place. I get the impression that you guys only want to take our money but not give hardly any back!! Not fair!! Not right!!!!