Reggie C
Rainbow Hotel & Casino Rainbow Hotel & Casino
West Wendover, Nevada
"Reggie C"
Rainbow Casino will take all your money and also take away nice things you accidentally left in your room. Most of the staff are not trained in people skills. The rank and file staff are just like their hotel Manager, they don't care. If you leave items of value, consider them lost. How can Rainbow Hotel's management hire thieves in their room service department? These same scavengers are quick to say "the item left wasn't there" when that was the only garment I changed from after freshening up. The hotel manager's name is Ms. Martinez. Please mitigate the ongoi g theft inside the rooms where guests have just left from. I will not stop until I get back what's mine. Oh by the way, I spoke with a check in agent whose name is Daisy, she assured that she would double check with room service and she even volunteered to mail me the items ( an older souvenir pullover shirt gifted by a dear friend and a recharge cable). To some these items nay not mean anything but for me, a shirt from a deceased partner means a lot). I will make sure to escalate this matter to your corporate office if I do not hear back soon.