Ashley Twining
Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino
Santa Fe, New Mexico
"Ashley Twining"
Terrible hotel, I do not recommend this place. We booked 3 rooms here for 2 nights and when we checked in they only informed one of our rooms that the water in the entire hotel would be off from 8am-12pm the day we checked out! We still had to pay full price for that night even though we had no access to water and the full amenities. Asked for a discount or an incentive to stay and they said tough luck and handled it very poorly. Also, the pool opened at 8am, got there at 9am and it was filthy from the day before and no towels! Had to actually request towels. They didn't stock them or clean until 10am. The wifi is spotty at best. The room was not very clean. Plus they allow smoking in the casino yet no drinking. It's too far from town and doesn't have enough amenities to stand on it's own. This place is so backwards, you should not stay here!