Mildrey Gonzalez
Hollywood Casino - St. Louis
Maryland Heights, Missouri
"Mildrey Gonzalez"
wow i am not sure how to start food always been good,i never had problem there before,i own Italian restaurant and i always complement the food and the service here..i never ever write a review but i had to this time.for this kind of experience. experience that will stay with me for along time. my wife and i place the order i got soup salmon and a beer,my wife got steak no black pepper ,i got my beer and the soup waiting for my main course,about 35-40 minutes.the food runner gave us the food and it didn't look like us,i ask him if no pepper for the stake and were the potato,and mine dont look like a salmon,he say i be right back,i cut the meat with some kind of sauce on it thinking it might be the salmon,a guy show up didn't introduce himself say what the problem,i told him i order a salmon,he took away my plate and say i get you a salmon ,i ask how long it take he say 15-20 minutes,i say Waite i can eat that ,i already 35-40 minutes,while you prep my salmon ,guys this rude unprofessional worst attitude person who is general manger name Michael curie grab my wife plate,and told us to go we not getting anything.he call the security to get me idea what got to his brain, i ask the server what is problem he ask him not to talk to us. but i tell you he curse and brag about that he his it and no one above. I cant go lower than that i have a bit of a class AND I AM 61 YEARS OLD ,this man very very sick and should never never work with people.if i could i would not even give a star ,sorry i hope someone will fix that.